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24 hr Food, Eat24hours, Fast Food Open 24 Hours, 24 Hour Fast

24 hr Food, Eat24hours, Fast Food Open 24 Hours, here we are listing some of the 24-hour fast food restaurants.


First Store Location: Monrovia, California which was founded in 1937

Well-known global large-scale multinational chain restaurants represent an American lifestyle. The main sale of hamburgers, and fries, fried chicken, drinks, fruits and other fast food.

In addition, Mc Cafe offers a variety of coffee drinks, as well as biscuits pastries. Whether as a breakfast or supper, is a great choice. To shout out its slogan: “Im lovin it!” But to pay attention to fast food or eat better, pay attention to nutritional balance.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

First Store Location: North Corbin, Kentucky, founded in 1930

To the United States, one of the multinational restaurant chains has been competing with McDonald’s uncle! Mainly selling fried chicken, hamburgers, French fries, soft drinks.

Relative to the domestic hot barrels, egg tarts and other new products, the United States, Kentucky Fried Chicken products are not so rich, so personally feel that the domestic or more delicious. However, since from the USA, the United States, Kentucky Fried Chicken shop or has a genuine flavor.


First Store Location: Baldwin Park, California, founding date 1948

Very famous in the California specialty. Even Ang Lee directors are holding Oscar Xiaojin, one pinching In-N-Out Hamburg devouring.

If one day you leave California, you will miss it! The open menu has three kinds of hamburgers: Hamburg, cheeseburger, double-decker burger. The squad once for everyone to organize the hidden menu.


First Store Location: Bridgeport, Connecticut, which was founded in 1965

Subway has definitely the most healthy fast food inside. The main selling low-fat sandwiches, from freshly baked bread, meat, cheese to vegetables, can be chosen according to your own taste.

There are also salad, soup. It can be said that the emergence of Subway to break the “fast food is junk food,” he said, I think this is why it is so popular is one of the secret reasons.

Panda Express

First Store Location: Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Founded in 1960

A familiar Chinese fast food called the originator of American Chinese food. Words love Chinese “crooked nuts” are very delicious of this fast-food restaurant, but not authentic for all.

The restaurant offers a variety of Chinese dishes, orange chicken, Oriental chicken, accompanied by fried rice or fried noodles.

Jack in the Box

First store location: San Diego, California, Founded in 1951

Jack in the box, meaning surprise jump out of the doll to bring people surprises. Personally feel that it’s home buns baked burgers are very crisp, the taste is excellent. Guide the trend of the hamburger shop Ultimate Cheeseburger and Sourdough Jack, in addition to features sandwiches, salads, Mexican food.

Hardee (Carl’s Jr.)

First Store Location: Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Founded in 1960

This is the United States more than 50 years a long history of fast food brands. Walking down the street to the stars as a symbol of the fast food restaurant is quite common.

It also has low-calorie protein style hamburgers (lettuce instead of bread), very refreshing, Angus meat is also great. Star products are cheese star burger Hamburg, BBQ bacon hamburger.

Taco Bell

First Store Location: Downey, California, Founded in 1962.

This should be regarded as the world’s largest brand of Mexican restaurant chain.

Traditional Mexican cuisine with ingredients such as chicken, beef, and lettuce, served with Mexican chili sauce, avocado and salsa sauce, has become the world’s oldest Mexican American.

Occasionally taste it is still very delicious, but also can experience the Mexican culture.

Burger King

First Store Location: Jacksonville, FL, Founded in 1953

The chain is still quite famous fast-food restaurants, there are many stores in the country. Hamburg varieties are also very rich, from beef, chicken, pork, fish to vegetables, there is not the same crust can match.

Individuals prefer dessert, Hershey Chocolate sundae a bit sweet, a little tired, but the taste of chocolate and cream full, do not eat the goods they can try to lose weight

Pizza Hut

First Store Location: Wichita, Kansas, Established in 1958

Pizza Hut also reminds many peoples of their childhood memories, because it is one of the oldest fast food chains in America. The United States pizza hut just a special shop to do pizza, in addition to chicken wings, pasta. Although the type is not much, the pizza of the material is still to force, often coupons, you can also order online.

Papa John’s Stick

First store location: Jefferson County, Indiana (Jeffersontown), Founded in 1983.

It can be regarded as a popular pizza giant of the bar there are many delicious varieties.


First Place Location: Ypsilanti, Michigan, Founded in 1960

Domino’s pizza taste is also very delicious and is still very popular fragrant cheese, crisp skin, and then covered with Italian-style sausage, shiny bright sellers absolutely have an appetite! In addition to the flavored pizza selection.


First Store Location: Denver, Colorado, established in 1993

It has four types of dishes: Mexican burritos, bowls of lunch, hard Mexican package cake, salad, and then you can choose the main course, side dishes, and spicy degree. Main dishes are roast chicken, roast beef, beef wire, pork silk, vegetarian.


First Store Location: Columbus, Ohio, Founded in 1969

This is the third largest US fast-food chain, its name comes from the founder’s daughter, so the logo is a lovely little girl. Its Hamburg is with 100% pure beef (it is particularly large meat patty), together with cheese, fresh lettuce, both health, color and flavor with the whole.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

The first store location: Virginia Arlington County, Established in 1986

Headquarters: Lockton, VA

National Sales: $ 1,320,000,000

The total number of stores nationwide: 1215

Money Performance Rankings: 22

Eat goods satisfaction ranking: 22

This can be regarded as a legend of the Hamburg session, Although the burgers on the menu include hamburgers, cheeseburger, bacon and bacon cheeseburger.

You can choose different ingredients and sauces depending on your preference. Hamburg is taken from fresh ground beef, cooked with peanut oil. There are also hot dogs, sandwiches, fries.

The most interesting thing about this store is its menu! There are mathematical good free to eat food stolen statistics, you have more than 25 million kinds of

ways to point a hamburger! How do you want the combination, give you what combination!


The first store location: New York, established in 2000

It has mainly beef burgers, claimed to be 100% antibiotic-free Angus beef, lettuce is organic, even ice cream and milk have a “green food trademark.” It also has a double cheeseburger.

Boston Market

First Store Location: Newton, Massachusetts, Established in 1985

Strangely called “Boston market” semi-service nature of the first restaurant is not in fast food restaurant in Boston. Guests are using the dishes and bowls, there is a feeling of dinner, so the price is more expensive than the average fast-food restaurants lost. Its famous food is roast chicken, BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes, and a variety of sandwiches.


First Store Location: Atlanta, GA, Founding time: 1967

This is one of the most popular American fast-food restaurant, one of the famous chicken burgers to conquer the world.

The store to the discovery of boneless chicken breast sandwich started is also the first proposed concept of the chicken restaurant.

In 2014, the shop first announced that it does not use any additives on food, so has more fame than McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and other fast-food restaurants.

Dairy Queen Snow Queen

First Place Location: Joliet, Illinois, Founding date: 1940

Mr. McCullough, founder of the cow like to call “the queen of the dairy industry,” which made his ice cream from the “Dairy Queen” name. It is the home of the ice cream are soft, after mixing will not fall out.

And fat content is only 2%, is one-sixth of the general ice cream. US DQ not only sell ice cream, as well as hamburgers, french fries, desserts, is not it new it.

Dunkin ‘Donuts

First store location: Quincy, Massachusetts (Quincy), Founding time: 1950

The world’s largest coffee, baked goods, donuts chain brand, is one of the top ten US fast-food chain brand.

This chain has entered the mainland market in the year 2008, it famous selling products are coffee, cool music ice, donuts, sandwiches and so on.

High quality and delicious donuts add a variety of styles to your favorite sweetness and taste.

Del Taco

First Store Location: Yermo, California, established in 1964

Another fast-food chain that sells burritos in Mexico. In addition to burritos, it also sells hamburgers, fried chicken, milkshakes. New salad and rice are very Mexican flavor!

Long John Silver’s

First Store Location: Lexington, Kentucky (Lexington), Founded in 1969

What distinguishes them from other fast food restaurants is the restaurant’s signature fish fried seafood. Best to eat fish and fried shrimp, taste good, that is with a little amount of oil.

Jamba Juice

Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

National Sales: $ 4,420,000,000

The total number of stores nationwide: 1987

Money Performance Rankings: 26

Eat goods satisfaction ranking: 24

Born in 1990, the shop, advocating green healthy natural life. Although the expansion is very slow, even though the menu added to the Greek yogurt energy bowl similar things, its smoothies are still a lot of faithful love to eat goods.

Chipotle Mexican Grill 

Headquarters: Libreville, California

National Sales: $ 539 million

The total number of stores nationwide: 818

Money Performance Rank: 72

Eat goods satisfaction ranking: 14

As a loyal supporter of Mexican cuisine and touted, Chipotle’s stuff is delicious.

Traditional Mexican burritos, wrapped in rice, black beans, beef or chicken, lettuce, delicious and simple and healthy.

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